Prospective Students

Image of a skater in a dinosaur costume

Yale Collegiate Figure Skating Club gives students the perfect opportunity to combine an excellent education with their desire to keep skating in college. Do you want to study with Charles Hill, John Gaddis, Jonathan Spence, Benoit Mandelbrot and other distinguished professors in their field? Do you also want to keep skating? Then Yale is the place for you!

The club, which is entirely student run, offers its members 10 hours of ice time per week at our beautiful on-campus rink, Ingalls Rink. In addition, we contract with a local pro, Chris Bartlett, ensuring quality instruction on an individual basis. The skating season begins in late September when Ingalls Rink opens. In December, we hold our annual Yale Collegiate Figure Skating Club exhibition featuring regional and national level competitors from the New England area and Yale skaters. All proceeds from our exhibition go to charity.

Club members vary from brand new skaters to Senior ladies. Our members work hard academically and show great leadership skills. Many are former competitive skaters who want to enjoy the more relaxed but still challenging atmosphere of collegiate skating. However, we also have brand-new skaters who are skating for the first time. While it is difficult to characterize a “typical” member of our club, the three things we share in common are a love of skating, a desire for a great education and the friendships we have formed through the club, both on and off the ice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your skaters like?

Our ice time is usually occupied by about 5-10 members, ranging in ability from beginners to Senior level skaters. Lots of our skaters were competitive in the past and are now skating for fun. Others competed at the top levels right through high school. Our skaters are involved in lots of other activities on campus, from Varsity Track and community service to orchestra. We represent all majors, class years, and parts of the country. For more on us, please see the members section.

Is figure skating a varsity sport at Yale?

No, we are a club sport. This essentially means that we receive limited funding from the University, no subsidized coaching, and we cannot really help you get in to the University. We do however receive some administrative help. For example, all of our ice time is free and on-campus. The administration also helps us find fundraising opportunities, manage finances, and make things run more smoothly in general.

Do you offer scholarships?

No, Yale does not offer any athletic scholarships for any sports, varsity or club. All financial aid is need-based. In other words, if you are accepted for admission, they’ll do everything they can to come up with a financial aid package (grants, loans, student works plans) that meets your family’s needs.

Where can I find out more about collegiate skating?

Visit the US Figure Skating website and check out the collegiate skating section.

How does coaching work?

We work with local coaches who have experience coaching all levels. Most lessons are heavily subsidized and might even be free, depending on our funding from the club sports office.

Where do you skate?

Right on campus at Ingalls Rink.

I still have more questions. Who do I talk to?

You can send us a message at or  We’d love to hear from you!